P.W. Electroplating-PowderCoating-Anodising
P.W. Electroplating-PowderCoating-Anodising
PW - Electroplating - Powder Coating - Anodising
                   PW - Electroplating - Powder Coating - Anodising                                                                                     

P.W Electroplaters and Powdercoaters Pitt Lane

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Business hours : 8 am until 5 pm and 10 pm until 8 am Monday to Friday

What's new?

OUR NEW WEBSITE : 1/6/2013

 Welcome to our new website launched June 2013, here you will find a list of the services we provide and a few imagines of parts processed at this plant. I hope it will also give you a feel for the company ethos and the people behind P.W.


PW are delighted to have been award 'preffered' supplier status for Thermo Fisher Scientific. A company employing over 39,000 and with a turnover in excess of $13 billion dollars a year. This approval refers to all anodised components Thermo currently sub-contract.

PLANT UPGRADE : 15/6/2015

PW have upgraded our barrel plating capabilities. 5 new process rigs and barrells plus new anode cages, will have a significant effect on the quality and turnaround time of high volume parts.   









    A Company that specialises in protecting the interests of others


This is your chance to learn a little more about PW. Hopefully it will help you to understand our values and what to expect from us:




PW's primary focus is on applying the treatments that allow our clients to extend the life of their product and add value through cosmetic enhancement. We know that the better we do our job, the easier it is for you to sell your product. Meaning more and larger repeat orders. 


To achieve this we work closely with clients to ensure the service we provide is tailored to their needs. Although every customer is different, the same core requirements surface time and again. The finishes applied needs to be delivered on time, to spec and within budget. These are the core principles our production team focus on.


Customer Focus 


Delivering an excellent product is only half of what PW does. Wherever possible PW encourage its clients to develop an understanding of the surface treatments we provide. Allowing them to ascertain the strengths and limitations of each finish, the process time involved and any special design requirements needed to get the best possible results.


It also enables PW to understand preciesly what you, the customer, expects and if it is achievable. There is no shame in saying 'no' to a potential order if the finish we provide is inadequate or a different coating is more suited to its needs. We understand how finite opportunities are in our market and how having the right coating can make the difference. If PW do not believe our finishes are the best for your product we have extensive contacts within the industry who can help.


This isn't an altruistic approach; we are certainly not looking to turn business away! However we cannot change the physical properties of what we apply and work to their limitations. PW provide an honest and frank assessment of your requirements and what finish should be pursued. This has enabled us to form many longer term and successful partnerships. 


Progression and Innovation


PW directs a significant amount of its time and resources into the refining of production and the innovation of new products. The majority of our products are RoHS compliant conforming to both E.L.V and W.E.E.E directives.


Our development of a trivalent black passivate on acid zinc is an industry first. Previously thought to be unachievable, PW found a solution to the problems of passivate adhesion and colour issues. To our knowledge no other acid zinc platers has achieved this.  


We were also the first metal finishing facility in the area to combine both zinc electroplating and powder coating under one roof, coupled with our recent investment in anodising, we have created a 'one stop shop' for manufacturers. Saving them the time and expense of chasing multiple suppliers.


 Looking to the future


Our success is directly linked to the success and talent of our customers. We have been fortunate enough to service some of the most progressive and innovative manufactures as such we have experienced continued and sustained growth, but we have now intention of resting on our laurels.


We are always looking to form new partnerships and develop new and improved processes, we are servicing ever increasing geographical areas and increasing our production timetable. If you feel we can help you in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us.  























































































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